What’s best way to alert motorist tail or brake lights are out?

Q: I keep seeing motorists with non-functioning brake lights and turn signals. There’s no way to inform them directly.

How about this: A toll-free text number where a witness could send a text to provide the car’s license plate information and report the problem?

The operator of the toll-free number would inform the registered owner of the car about the problem.

If the operator of the toll-free number got multiple texts about the same vehicle, he/she would escalate the issue. After, say, two months if the same vehicle was being reported, it would be escalated to CHP.

Scott O’Donnell

A: This won’t happen. For emergencies, however, you can report them by texting 911 in most parts of the state. It’s still best to call rather than text to report an emergency, however, as dispatchers can get more information quickly by phone. Readers, if you see someone with a non-functioning tail light or brake light, how do you let them know?

Q: Oh, my! We’re back at this again. A recent sideshow totally obscured the white lines on the road, and folks are going into the wrong lanes. Such a pain, knowing that those lines are buried under all of that rubber.

Randy Ollenburger, San Jose

A: The lane markings will be replaced, but, unfortunately, will probably be wiped out again by future sideshows.

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