Hungry bear busts into California home, devours cake

This furry bandit takes the cake.

A sweet-toothed brown bear snuck into a California kitchen and snatched a freshly baked chocolate cake — spooking residents before cops shooed it away, footage of the cake carnage shows.

“It looked like somebody in a bear costume,” the unidentified Simi Valley homeowner told KCRA-TV.  “I see my kitchen is kind of destroyed. A chocolate cake I made for a barbecue that day was dumped over.”

The woman and her son, Scott, ran upstairs to hide — and call 911 — as the four-legged burglar rummaged through the kitchen trying to get its paws on some grub.

The bruin’s stomach must have been growling, the homeowner said, because it raided the fridge and clawed up cabinets before chowing down on avocado, nectarines and half a pan of the dessert, she said.

Camera shot of bear outside home
The bear raided the fridge and clawed up cabinets before eating a freshly baked chocolate cake.
Simi Valley Police
destroyed cake
The bear munched on a freshly baked chocolate cake.
bear looking into home
Cops eventually shooed the bear away.
Simi Valley Police

When Scott peered around the corner into the kitchen, he saw the massive animal lounging on the counter in an apparent food coma.

“I took a peek at it, it was really laying on top of the counter, like how a dog would. It looked at me, like, hey what’s up, man?” Scott told the station.

When police arrived, they scared away the critter by shouting, “Get outta here, bear!” footage shows.

Police body camera video shows the bear bolting out of the house, hopping over a fence and climbing into a nearby tree.

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