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Here are 10 amazing health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea every morning

Hello! What did you drink for coffee, tea or hot chocolate this morning? I usually start my day with a cup of hibiscus tea. It may be a social media fad but legend has it that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt drank hibiscus tea to enhance her beauty. It can be your skin’s new best friend and many more.

In this article, let’s discuss the 10 amazing health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea every morning.

Can it help lower blood pressure? What about weight loss? We are talking about all these and more.

Which country is originates of hibiscus tea?

Hibiscus tea originates North Africa and Southeast Asia. It is tart and tastes like cranberry. If You believe that only high-end coffee shops You can make this tea, you are wrong. You can cook an equally delicious cup of this beverage at home.  

There are a few different ways of making hibiscus tea. All you need is fresh hibiscus flowers from your garden or a bunch of dried flowers available at your grocery store. Steep two spoons of hibiscus petals in 4 cups of water for 15 minutes.  

Don’t over steep the leaves or your tea may turn bitter. Flavor it with some lime juice and honey if needed. Strain and enjoy your delicious homemade hibiscus tea, it’s that easy.

Alternatively, you could also make one with a hibiscus tea bag. Remember to pick the an organic variety that is free of chemicals. This ruby-colored infusion is probably the star of the herbal tea world. It contains vitamin A, C, and minerals like copper, zinc, and manganese.

Wondering how to enjoy this glass of crimson tea in the summer?

Let’s break the monotony of iced tea. Just cool the already prepared tea in  your fridge and pour it over a few ice cubes.

Alright, let’s spill some tea on the amazing health benefits.

1. First up it can prevent hypertension:

Nearly half of the adults in the United States have hypertension. If your food is supersaturated with fats and sugars, have this light and refreshing hibiscus tea. It can recalibrate your heart health. It can unclog your arteries and lower  your blood pressure. It’s no sorcery, it’s pure science.

2. Hibiscus tea reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure:

There are clinical studies that prove hibiscus tea reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Scientists gave this herbal tea to 65 hypertensive adults for 6 weeks. They were successful in bringing their blood pressure to the baseline without any medication.  

This could be reassuring for those completely dependent on medications for managing their blood pressure. Just remember not to have this tea with your blood pressure medicines. Chances are you might have a wild reaction. Talk to your doctor first.

Looking for a healthy drink to stay hydrated? Here is your glass of hibiscus tea. Water is the elixir for life. Your body can function to its full potential when it’s hydrated. Most drinks like coffee, tea, sodas, and even alcohol will have a dehydrating effect.  

This caffeine-free option can be your daily dose of H20. It might even help you to reach your the target of 3-4 liters of water every day.

Want to glam up your look, naturally Hibiscus tea coming right up! Say goodbye to those pesky breakouts. This drink has been making the rounds on the social media beauty pages. It’s loaded with antioxidants called anthocyanins. These can fight off the skin agers and restore your glow. As the oxidative stress reduces your skin will be nourished from within. Another the compound called Myricetin is present in hibiscus tea can help slow the age-related breakdown of collagen and elastin. Moreover, It’s loaded with Vitamin C which promotes skin cell turnover. It’s a complete package for your skin.

There is no better way of pampering your skin than feeding it hibiscus tea. Avoid it if you’re severely allergic to members of the Malvaceae plant family. Okra, cotton cacao, and durian belongs to this group. So if you are allergic to any of these you probably will be allergic to hibiscus tea as well. Guzzling up too much hibiscus tea can cause headaches, ringing in your ears, upset stomach, constipation, gas, and dermatitis. Remember to keep it under 720 ml per day.

4. hibiscus tea benefit from this is your liver:

One vital organ that could really benefit from this tea is your liver. The liver is hands down one of the most hardworking organs of your body. It stores vitamins, minerals, and fat, synthesizes hormones, and produces bile. It’s an in-built detox machine that cleanses your body 24X7. 

It gets overloaded when you eat unhealthy food like chips and chocolates. All the excess fat and sugar becomes deposited, reducing its efficiency. Obesity also may cause fatty liver in many people. Regular hibiscus tea consumption can reduce your chances of liver failure.

In a study, researchers administered hibiscus extract to a few overweight people for 12 weeks. There was a miraculous reduction in the fat accumulation in their liver. It would not be an overstatement to say that plants are the real medicine our bodies need. Although the study gave hibiscus extracts to the participants, it doesn’t make Hibiscus tea any less healing for your liver.

5. Hibiscus tea helps you get an hourglass figure too:

This tea is not just eye candy. It helps you get an hourglass figure too. Hibiscus tea pushes you to get that desired hip to waist ratio in just 12 weeks. It’s not me who is saying this, scientific research proves it! According to a study 36 overweight participants were given hibiscus extract for 12 weeks. Researchers found a marked reduction in their body weight, body mass index, body fat, and hip to waist ratio.

This  means it’s not just another tea for weight loss. Who knew one cup of tea could have so much power.

6. Hibiscus tea was instrumental in reducing bad cholesterol

Another study confirmed that hibiscus tea was instrumental in reducing bad cholesterol. It increases good cholesterol and reduces triglycerides too. You can have this drink post-workout. If you are pregnant or lactating, wait for some time to enjoy this tea. But that’s not all.

Ever wondered what gives this tea its deep magenta color? It’s a bunch of polyphenols that make it so vibrant. Studies have shown that polyphenols can combat cancer-causing free radicals. Unhealthy dietary habits can raise your chances of stomach cancer. Hibiscus tea can keep stomach and prostate cancer at bay.

This is such a simple habit to start that can save you a lot of trouble later on. Don’t buy bottled hibiscus tea off the shelf. It will have lots of sugar, coloring agents, preservatives, and other carcinogens. Your homemade brew is powered with the right amount of antioxidants and fresh ingredients that can protect you from cancer. Cheers to enjoying that cozy cup of tea. Let’s tap into what else a A cup of hibiscus tea can do.

Do period cramps turn you into a bed-bound person? Turns out herbal tea can reduce the severity of those menstrual cramps. When your back, stomach and hips are killing you, reach out for a warm cup of this tea. The tea possesses diuretic properties. That means it can reduce bloating and help you get rid of the water weight. Plus it will keep you hydrated. It acts as a laxative and aids in digestion too.

Squeeze in some orange, lime, or grapefruit juice 

to make it tangy. Citrus flavors can improve your nausea to a great extent.

7. Hibiscus tea can relax your uterus and bladder reducing the severity of those cramps:

Drinking hibiscus tea is a regular the thing you should be doing during your period. FYI, having hibiscus tea for bad period cramps have been used as a home remedy for years and doesn’t have much published scientific evidence. So remember to keep it under two cups a day. Moderation is the key, folks!

Is something still stopping you from making this amazing tea? Then this probably will help.

8. Hibiscus tea is a diabetic-friendly drink

When you’re a diabetic your healthcare team will probably advise you to stay away from juice, energy drinks, soda, and other sugary beverages. But that doesn’t mean you miss out on all the fun. 

9. Hibiscus tea helps in lowering your blood sugar levels

It can even slow down the progression of diabetes. That’s why it’s great for pre-diabetics too. Just keep sugar and sweeteners out. You certainly don’t need an extra dose of glucose.  

If you want to get the sweet aftertaste, try adding a pinch of cinnamon to it. Cinnamon has been studied to manage blood glucose levels. You could also add a touch of ginger. I am sure by now, you are on board with us but…

There is still more to the ruby-red hibiscus tea. Have you been calling in sick at work a little too much? Do you constantly feel under the weather?

Then hibiscus tea could be your ultimate energizer.  It can boost your immunity like never before. But it’s not just tea that keeps sniffles away.  The anthocyanins give it anti-inflammatory power. It can help you to fight anything from a urinary tract infection to a respiratory tract infection.

10. One cup of hibiscus tea can drown your the system with antibacterial protection

It naturally kills the bad bacteria like E. Coli that thrives in us. Studies have shown hibiscus extract to reduce bacterial infections. A test-tube study showed that hibiscus extract could fight 8 strains of bacteria that only a few medications can do. What more can you ask from a good old cup of tea? But you can trade your hibiscus tea for fruits and vegetables! They’re the top picks when it comes to boosting immunity naturally. Curious to know more about them?

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Have you ever tried hibiscus tea? Let us know in the comments below.


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