Gabe’s family ask for help in fiding daughter’s remains; $100K reward available

More than seven months after the disappearance of 24-year-old Alexis Gabe, her family is again asking the public for help in finding her remains, promising $100,000 for anyone who does so or has information leading to their discovery.

Police believe the Oakley woman was killed sometime on the evening of Jan. 26 by her ex-boyfriend, Marshall Curtis Jones, when she visited him at his Antioch home on Benttree Way. Jones himself was killed in May in a Seattle suburb by police after he charged at them with a knife when they attempted to arrest him for murder.

Oakley police announced the reward again on Facebook Friday morning, making it clear that anyone who finds Alexis’ remains or has information leading to her discovery will be eligible to collect the money.

“The City of Oakley and the Oakley Police Department recognize the Gabe family, and the Oakley community at large, have been deeply impacted by the homicide of Alexis Gabe,” the post from Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard read. “This impact is made even larger due to the fact her body has not been recovered.”

Her father, Gwynn Gabe, said it was his idea to extend the reward to anyone finding her remains since they were not having any luck by simply offering a reward for information that leads to her whereabouts.

“We came to our tough decision to finally accept that our only daughter is gone,” Gabe said on Facebook. “Losing a child is the worst feeling ever.”

Now the family wants to give her a proper memorial service and burial, but hope first to find her remains, he said.

“Many people want to search so I decided to come up with this idea,” he later said in a text, noting he hoped it would create a “huge interest” from the public.

The family’s Facebook page, “Help Bring Alexis Gabe Home,” has more than 14,000 members in a case that has attracted national interest, with many people continuing to ask how they can help.

“This will be open to everyone, but we encourage all search groups or search teams here in California to join,” Gabe said in a Facebook post.

In a chilling timeline police released on Aug. 2, police said Jones disposed of Alexis’ car in Oakley on Jan. 26, then walked back to Antioch. Two days later he ran into police at the Antioch home he shared with his stepdad and likely returned to pick up his personal car from work. Shortly thereafter, video showed him unloading large heavy garbage bags at his mother’s Antioch home a few miles away and returning later to retrieve them.

According to police, Jones then traveled to his sister’s home in Vacaville that same night and left 30 minutes later for Pioneer where he got lost after missing his exit and briefly turned his phone on to find his way. Police recovered video from a gas station at Bradshaw and Jackson roads an hour outside Pioneer that showed a vehicle similar to his, a black Ford Explorer he borrowed from his stepdad.

Evidence suggests Jones returned to his mother’s house at 1 a.m. Jan. 29, then went back to his sister’s in Vacaville, though she later said she kicked him out on Jan. 31 when she realized Alexis was missing. Police say he was seen on video carrying an extended firearm and likely had a firearm on him when he was at his sister’s. He was also seen with a firearm while staying with his mother the next day.

That same day, Feb. 1, police executed a search warrant at Jones’ home on Benttree Way where they found a sample of blood later learned to contain Alexis’ DNA. They also seized his vehicle, the back of which contained her DNA, and they noted that the shower curtains were missing.

On Feb. 1 Jones flew to Washington to stay with his dad. In the following days, police searched his mother’s home extensively. She was brought in for questioning on May 19 but released after the District Attorney found there wasn’t enough to charge her with a crime.

Since then, police and volunteers have conducted extensive searches in Pioneer, Oakley and Antioch but her remains have never been found.

Anyone who wants to search for Alexis’ remains is asked to sign up at the Gabe’s website at
Anyone with tips on her disappearance, can call 925-625-7009 or email with any information.


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