“Dog Mode’ helps furry friends beat the heat: Roadshow

Q: We take our dog (Shimmi) everywhere. When we leave her in the car, we put our Tesla 3 AC system on DOG. This displays a message for passersby on Tesla’s screen saying, “My owner will be back soon. Don’t worry! The heater [or AC] is on and it’s XX degrees.” This message explains to them that the pet is safe in the car, and the owner is in the vicinity.

Our dog falls asleep in front of the rear AC vent, which is blowing fresh cooled or heated air during our absence. The cabin overheat prevention system waits until the interior gets up to 100 degrees, way too hot for an animal.

Irwin Joseph, Beaverton, Oregon

A: A number of readers with Teslas wrote to applaud the dog mode function on their cars. Read on.

Q: If the concerned citizens would have looked at the large screen in the Tesla center dash, they would have seen the message, “My owner will be back soon,” with the current temperature inside the car in large numbers, easily readable from outside the car. Dog mode will either heat or cool the car, as appropriate.

Rod Whitten, Burlingame

A: Non-Tesla owners concerned about an animal’s welfare might not have known to check the center console, but now know to look for that.

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