Bay Area driver crashes $99,000 vehicle bought with stolen ID, police say

San Rafael police investigating a hit-and-run collision discovered that the driver allegedly committed identity theft to purchase the $99,000 vehicle.

Police went to BioMarin at 770 Lindaro St. early Monday morning to investigate the collision and found the vehicle, a 2022 Infiniti QX80, in the area.

The driver, 42-year-old Jhona Marie Mathews of San Rafael, was under the influence of drugs and knocked over a light pole, said police Lt. Scott Eberle.

Officers arrested Mathews on suspicion of intoxicated driving and searched the car, finding identifications, checks, allegedly stolen credit card information and other potential evidence of fraud, Eberle said.

Mathews admitted to stealing someone’s identity to buy and register the vehicle from Infiniti of Marin, as well as “various unreported instances of identity theft, credit card fraud, check fraud, false impersonation, forgery and grand theft,” Eberle said.

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