Armed muggers ambush woman in leafy Chicago neighborhood

Shocking doorbell video shows a woman repeatedly screaming in terror as she’s ambushed at gunpoint by a trio of masked muggers in a leafy Chicago neighborhood.

Ring footage from Sunday shows the 45-year-old woman casually walking through a tree-lined street in the Windy City’s Lakeview area when a dark sedan suddenly stops in the road.

As she continues innocently walking, three hooded and masked men suddenly race out and grab her — with at least one pointing a gun.

Chicago woman ambushed
Video captures the terrified screams of a Chicago woman getting ambushed at gunpoint in a “safe” neighborhood.
Video of Chicago armed mugging.
The footage started with the 45-year-old victim innocently walking down a tree-lined Lakeview street.

The woman falls to the street and starts screaming in terror, her anguished cries continuing throughout the remaining 45 seconds of the clip.

“What do you want?” she screams as the trio steals items from her, standing over her and ignoring her screams for more than 15 seconds before they race back to the car and tear off.

Video from Sunday's robbery.
The trio of masked robbers ignored their victim’s screams as they stole from her before fleeing in the waiting car.

After they flee, the victim remains screaming on the ground for at least 10 seconds before finally getting back to her feet.

“Help me! Help me!” she screams, while continuing to wail in terror.

The crooks — at least one of whom was armed — stole her fanny pack containing her phone, wallet and keys, Chicago cops told WGN9.

Although three muggers were seen in the clip, cops were hunting four suspects, with one seemingly the getaway driver.

The mugging comes as Chicago continues to be blighted by rising gun crime. Even so, the brazen daylight attack rattled neighbors in the area that they had assumed would be safe from such violence.

“It’s terrifying! It’s the middle of the day and they attacked her,” one resident, Megan Hasse, told NBC5 Chicago.

Another, Bill Pollard, told WGN9 that he “never would’ve expected anything like this on this kind of a block” with “super wonderful neighbors.”

“It kind of takes a little bit of the shine off of this bubble that you sometimes feel that you live in, right? You know, kids play in the park, neighbors walking up and down the street,” Pollard told the local outlet.

Now, he said, “rather than just walking around, you may have to look over your shoulder every now and then.”

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